Sometimes It’s Easier to Do School Than Not to Do School

“Everyone was up late and needs just a quiet day.”

“We’ve been working so hard, a day off is just what we need. “

“We missed lessons yesterday, I’m not motivated today.”

“These mild coughs could get worse if we do school.”

Benefits of Homeschool Consistency Homeschool SOlutions Pam Barnhill

“Let’s just have a reading day.”

“I want to read my book … they can entertain themselves.”

“They’re playing so nicely together. I can’t interrupt THAT.”

“Do we hafta do school today?”

Do any of these sound familiar to you? They used to be all-too-familiar to me. Not only that, some of them are still tempting from time to time.

But now I know a truth: schooling consistency breeds consistency.

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Sometimes it’s easier to do school than to not do school.

I get it. I look at a schedule packed with Morning Time, lessons, music lessons, soccer, parkour, co-op, and First Lego League and think a free morning is really appealing: a morning to rest, read what I want, plan, or clean (well, no, rarely that).

I want a morning where I don’t have to go anywhere or even say anything. Some music, a cup of coffee, and a stack of books. I’d be thrilled with my children around me reading their own books.


That beautiful picture in my head is never the reality. Someone touches someone else. Someone is on someone else’s couch cushion. The children are more incapable of sloth than I am and must find something physical to do.

Benefits of Homeschool Consistency Homeschool SOlutions Pam Barnhill

“Mommy! So-and-so …”

“Stop it!”

“That’s mine!”

“I need that one Lego.”

“That’s against the rules of the game!”

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells”

“SHHHHHHHHHH!” A dance party breaks out of nowhere.

And the peaceful rest is shattered.

Sometimes it’s easier to do school than to not do school.

Benefits of Homeschool Consistency Homeschool SOlutions Pam Barnhill

The hard part is just getting started.

I wrote about our daily alarms before and why a scheduled routine is absolutely necessary for our school day.

Today, though, I want to fight battles with temptation. How do I make myself obey the alarm when all of the excuses are running through my head? I remind myself that:

Sometimes it’s easier to do school than to not do school.

Engaged children, learning children, children who have tasks to accomplish with structured time can be surprisingly more restful than children left to themselves. I’m not saying you have no parenting issues in the midst of a homeschool day; nor that the homeschool day is easy.

I’m saying I tend to have fewer sibling issues to sort out, different life lessons to teach, and am less frustrated and guilty at the end of the day when we just do school; when we do what we ought.

Benefits of Homeschool Consistency Homeschool SOlutions Pam Barnhill

In my experience, I have found that intentionally homeschooling on the hard days means fewer hard days. I’ve learned if I don’t give in to the “let’s not” it’s easier for all of us tomorrow because the question won’t even be asked.

I’ve seen the benefits of consistency in attitude and accomplishment and would encourage you that they’re so worth doing school on the days I don’t want to. This mantra has served me well.

So, next time you’re tempted to skip a day for no real reason, remind yourself

“Sometimes it’s easier to do school than to not do school.”

For more tools like this and help with consistency in your homeschool, check out our Homeschool Consistency Bootcamp. We are opening it January 31, 2019 and you can click to get on the waiting list below.

I want to be consistent!

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  • Jodi says:

    So disappointed that Facebook is a requirement for the Homeschool Consistency Boot Camp course. FB is a huge distraction for me, so I have chosen to close my account in order to eliminate that temptation to check out from my family. I could use a course like this but am not willing to allow the distraction of FB back into my day. ?

    • Pam Barnhill says:

      I totally understand Jodi and admire you for making good choices for your family. We have looked for alternate platforms, but we have yet to find a viable alternative to Facebook that will allow us to easily create a community and serve the largest number of people easily. We have not given up and will continue looking.

      • Pam Barnhill says:

        Ok Jodi. We looked again and we have found something that we think is going to work. The Boot Camp that is now open will NOT be run on Facebook, but instead a private forum here on Hope to see you there.

    • Nadine says:

      Not sure if this will help…but I rejoined fb under an alias, don’t have one “friend”, and strictly do my groups.

  • Betsy says:

    So good, Dawn!! I’ve seen the same things in my own home. One thing that helped us all this year was scheduling some different/lighter things midweek to break it up a bit: picture study, handicrafts, dictation instead of copywork—just a couple of things for variety. Once we’re through Wednesday, it’s easier to follow through the rest of the week!

  • Jen says:

    I can relate to this on a Sunday level. When we have skipped church for whatever reason I mean excuse I always regret it. That lazy Sunday morning I envisioned in my head never happens. I end up putting out fires between the kids, making big breakfasts, or doing chores. We are just beginning our homeschool journey as in they are still in school and I am still planning so this information was really insightful for me. Thank you!

    • Lauren says:

      I totally agree with this! And then the next Sunday is SO much harder at church.

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