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I received a Logos Biology Science Kit free in exchange for my honest opinion.

I loved biology when I was a kid. I excelled in my seventh grade life science class and hung on every word my 10th grade biology teacher said. To me it was the most amazing thing in the world to see how all the pieces of life fit together.

I will never forget dissecting the fetal pig. Not because it was gross, it was that, but because our teacher had us measure the length of the small intestine. The group who had the longest small intestine received a pie. You should have seen us all stretching and measuring, recording our results meticulously.

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High school biology would not have been the same without the hands-on dissections, germ cultures, and close observation with a microscope. To see, touch, hold, and dare I say, smell makes all the difference in cementing scientific concepts in the mind.

I want my kids to have this same experience as we learn science together both at home and at our local homeschool co-op. Our co-op will be offering Apologia, Exploring Creation with Biology with a lab this year to our high schoolers.

But what if your homeschool co-op wants to offer just a science lab and each family has chosen a different science curriculum? Enter Logos Science Kits. Logos Science Kits offer a lab that can be coordinated with the three leading Christian curriculum publishers, BJU Press, ABeka, Apologia, and others. While many of the Logos kits come with up to five uses, there is also an option to purchase a refill kit if  you have a large co-op class or the next time you have students taking a lab.

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The biology kit includes:

  • Seven specimens for dissection including a fetal pig and a cow eye
  • A dissection kit
  • Goggles
  • Six prepared slides and blank slides
  • General Supplies for 33 lab experiments (more experiments than the leading curriculum offers — bonus!)
  • Lab manual
  • Teacher answer guide
  • Coordination guide to BJU Press Biology, ABeka Biology, and Apologia, Exploring Creation with Biology

Most labs in the book call for other supplies, but these seem to be incidentals that most homeschoolers would have around the house or things that need to be obtained fresh.

When I opened the very sturdy, well labeled box I was impressed with the amount of supplies. The specimens were all wrapped carefully and securely. Everything is well labeled and easy to identify. I like that the box is sturdy enough to become a permanent storage container for the reusable items in the kit.

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The lab manual has a lovely cover with the verse John 1:1-3, one of my favorite passages, on the front cover. The program is Christian based and includes a short devotional in each lab, pointing students to the creator of all things, helping them to focus on science as a means to observe and learn about God’s creation.

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Because the lab manual is a complete lab book in itself, it can be used in lab class to unify all students regardless of the science curriculum they are using at home. The lab worksheets guide the student in observing and recording their observations.

When needed, graphs and charts are provided for students to fill in. I like the uncrowded openness of the pages. There are also plenty of diagrams and pictures, that will help my students identify what they are looking at on slides and in the specimens.

I am excited for our homeschool co-op to use the Logos Biology Science Kit and lab manual. Go give all of their great science kits a look. As an added bonus, Logos Science Kits is offering free shipping on all kits through December 2016.

We will update you a few weeks into the school year in September and let you know how we are enjoying it, so check back!