Let me begin by saying, my kiddos are likened to Hobbits! They desire 1st breakfast, 2nd breakfast, elevenzies, etc. As we unpack Morning Time each day, we indulge in a feast of “Truth, Goodness and Beauty”, for our mind and soul.

Morning Time, not necessarily in the morning, is definitely our most treasured time. It fills and carries us through our day, it is a building block of our family culture and bonding. As hard as I try to bring the love of learning to each element of study, there’s always something a kiddo is less than enthusiastic about, however, we can (usually) rely on our Morning Time feast to sustain our day!

It has become an integral part of the days — liturgy for our homeschool and Scholé group! We are most grateful for Pamela Barnhill’s various “Morning Time” plans which streamline the preparation of the day’s feast!

Lisa Mayeux