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Conquer your fears about homeschooling high school with practical advice and encouragement

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When my family decided to homeschool through high school I…

    • wondered how I would know what to teach and how to teach it
    • worried about managing the responsibility of making a transcript and issuing a diploma
    • struggled with doubts about my child’s preparedness for college or work

So how did I end up loving homeschooling my teens every day, graduating my first, and helping her get into a career program she loves (all while she writes novels for fun in her free time)?

The truth is…

There are dozens of ways to research homeschooling high school.

You’ve probably:

Spent hours watching videos on YouTube

Scoured Amazon for the latest books and guides

Or even joined all the homeschool high school Facebook groups (which honestly can be a little intense at times)

But after doing this homeschool high school thing for myself, I don’t recommend doing any of those

In fact, running after gurus and asking for help in Facebook groups doesn’t work because:

You often get a ton of conflicting opinions that only add to your confusion.

Everyone thinks that their way is the only way to do something well.

So, what’s the key to getting over your fears and homeschooling high school with confidence?

I get answers to all my homeschool worries by depending on a small group of supportive mentors who answer my questions, but who also realize that my family is different than theirs and we aren’t going to do everything just like they do it

… and I have gathered a group like that together so you can tap into their collective wisdom too.

Conquer your fears about homeschooling high school with practical advice and encouragement

Stop stressing about how to teach the “hard” subjects or how to make a transcript

Finally create a high school plan that is doable for you and honors your unique teen

…all without the overwhelming stress of figuring it out on your own?

Navigating High School: A Guide to Confident Homeschooling

Get confident in your ability to plan for high school, meet your teen’s needs, and launch them successfully into whatever next step awaits them.

What you get:

  • The five most common fears and mindset shifts
  • Resource library of over a dozen articles, guides, and interviews
  • Transcript generator for professional-looking transcripts
  • Private podcast feed with everything in audio form
  • Lifetime access to the recorded modules PLUS come back live year after year
  • Future course updates and additions

For more info and the FAQ, see the full sales page here.


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