Saturday Morning Daybook

Outside my Window

I’m really a little miffed that it waited until September to get all hot and seasonal around here. We had been running about ten degrees behind all summer, but now we are right about average. In September average is always too hot for me. I am ready for autumn. The love bugs are horrible this year (just like the mosquitos were). Everyone keeps saying that means a cold winter. I sure hope so.

I am Thankful For

A little boy who tells me he loves me and gives me kisses. I can’t believe he will be four next month! He’s sitting next to me right now and has his fingers wrapped around my toes.

I am Thinking About

Fostering independent work in a third grader. Things like her working on her copywork without me sitting right at her elbow or completing a math page the second or third day and just coming to me for help instead of me having to walk her through every problem. Nothing earth shattering, but there are many things she does that I just sit there and cheerlead and direct her to the next problem. I really feel like she should be doing this on her own. She has her clipboard. I am not above making a list. Maybe “Mom meetings” to bookend our days. The first meeting we do any new lesson material and then as we work I make her list of things to complete on her own. Then I send her off to do it and at the end of the day we have a second meeting where I review the work for accuracy and completion. Any good ideas out there?

From the Schoolroom

There is never enough time in the day. Studies are going well, but we just never seem to get to everything I want to get to. John is making great progress with his reading. We took a break from PAL this week to just read little books. He is loving them. We may hang out here for a bit before jumping back into PAL. He also started AAS 1 and started writing letters on the lines instead of just in large boxes. The eight addition facts finally slowed him down in MUS, but not for long I think. We are playing tons of math games to help Olivia with her facts, and he is also reaping the benefits of playing along.

From the Kitchen

September menus have been a lifesaver, but if I am honest there have been few meals on there that I am just dying to make again. Well, the Sloppy Joes — those are yummy. I like for food to be REALLY good, not just a little good and, eh, most of these have just been OK. I think next month I am going to get fewer meals from Pinterest and more from AllRecipes. I usually find the reviews there are spot on and very helpful in taking a meal from just okay to downright yummy. On another note, I borrowed a friend’s tortilla press and have been making my own tortillas. My plan was to make a bunch ahead before giving it back to her, but we tend to eat them almost as fast as I make them! They are yummy.

I am Creating

Baby girl blanket. Still. But I have been working on it. I cleaned out my crochet bag last weekend and was going to start some other little project for variety, but never got it started. Maybe this weekend while football is on.

I am Reading

Why Don’t Students Like School: A Cognitive Scientist Answers Questions About How the Mind Works and What It Means for the Classroom – It’s really good.

I am Praying

For those in our lives who are getting older and the health struggles they face. (This includes our little dog Val, because any time I ask for intentions, Thomas reminds me that we need to pray for Val because he is getting old. Sweet boy.)

I am Listening To

Thomas. His head is on my elbow, and he keeps up a running commentary all.the.time. Andrew Pudewa says that talking to themselves is they way little kids learn to think. Thomas is going to be one great thinker.

Clicking Around

Around the House

I got behind!! Between the busy week this past week and the workmen and their mess the week before I just got hopelessly behind with cleaning. Now I feel the need to dig myself out of the hole. Ugh. I am thinking an hour today and an hour tomorrow and call it good. Then I can just jump in where I am. As for the extra things that need to be done around here — yard, paint, etc. Well our weekends in the fall seem to fill up so quickly — birthdays, pumpkin patch, anniversary, National Guard. It’ll be slow going with the projects around here.

One of My Favorite Things

Tunnel Bear. You want to know why? Downton Abbey starts in the UK next Sunday night. With a $4.95 per month subscription to TB you can watch it on your computer direct from the ITV website by the time Sunday night rolls around in the States. Worked like a charm last year. Perfect for the impatient who just can’t wait until January. My only piece of advice is to find a friend to watch with you. You can’t just spout off to everyone about what you have seen — that would be totally uncool — but you WILL need someone to chat with.

Plans for the Week

This past week was busy and this coming week isn’t slowing down much. Monday – piano. Tuesday – co-op. Wednesday night – Children’s choir and religious ed. Thursday – karate and Frontier Girls. Friday – blissfully nothing! Add to that a homeschool pool party, haircuts for the boys, and a birthday party next Saturday and you can just stick a fork in me.

A Picture

Selfie I took and sent to Matt of Thomas in my lap at karate. Sometimes he joins the class, but this week he crawled in my lap and fell asleep as soon as we walked in the door. We had been to Mass that morning and then a playdate with our homeschool group at church. I guess he was tuckered out. It was nice to get a snuggle in.



  • Erin says:

    >>Maybe “Mom meetings” to bookend our days<<
    Pam, probably at this stage I would have a meeting at the conclusion of each independent subject, just to cheer her on and give her confidence.

    • Pam says:

      Erin this has been the most helpful suggestions. We “meet” after every subject and it is working great. She is still slow as molasses on things she doesn’t want to do, but it is her time she is wasting. Thanks!

  • Sue Elvis says:


    I enjoyed reading about your week!

    • Pam says:

      Thank you Sue for stopping by!

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