YMB #25 Teaching with Ideas: A Conversation with Brandy Vencel


Your loving your Morning Time with your kids. You have gathered a feast for their minds with living books, poetry, scripture, and Shakespeare, but something is missing. Where are all the deep meaningful conversations you had hoped to have with your children about the big ideas of life?

In this episode, Brandy Vencel joins us to talk about the marriage between facts and ideas, how to draw out big ideas from your living book read alouds using good questions. She encourages us to be patient as we introduce the ideas of virtue to our children.

She also talks about more practical issues such as how to introduce virtues without moralizing, how and why to choose the best literature when introducing big ideas, and which ideas might be more accessible for different ages.

Join us as Brandy helps us tackle the idea of ideas in our Morning Time.

YMB #25 Teaching With Ideas with Brandy Vencel

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  • Elizabeth Hafferty says:

    You ask such good questions. It makes for great discussion. I enjoyed it, and it gave me lots to”chew on”. Thanks!

    • Dawn says:

      I agree! Pam is personable and asks great questions – perfect for a podcaster. This was a very chewy episode! -Dawn, Community Care Coordinator

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