1 – In light of our schedule conversation earlier this week, I sat down and made us a schedule for the school year. I think it is going to be good. So leading up to the school year we are starting to work on some of the habits and skills we need to get in place to be successful with this schedule — like me waking up early and immediately getting my shower and revamping the morning chore list.

I also decided to work on a couple of other habits and skills with the kids on a week by week basis. This week they are working on the habit of clearing their spot after meals and two skills: making their own breakfast (beyond cereal) and folding laundry.

2 – Working really hard this weekend getting Scholé Sisters ready for the big launch. I am the make-it-pretty, backend-work girl. I am not doing much writing over there — leaving that to the more philosophical gals — but I have been privy to what they have been writing and their  conversations. This stuff is good folks. (And my overuse of the word “stuff” is one of many reasons I don’t get to write much over there.)

3. Speaking of projects, I just want to say thank-you for the overwhelming response to my eBook. You guys have been awesome, and I love that it is blessing so many of you.

I am going to be chatting with Michele White from Preschoolers and Peace on Monday about the book and homeschool planning. You can see the event page here. If you click “YES” that you are coming G+ will send you reminders about the event and a link to the recording even if you can’t make it. Would love to have you watch.

4. One of my favorite homeschool products is having a sale! We just love HodgePodge Art’s Chalk Pastel series. You can see one of our projects here. Pastels are so much fun and so forgiving. I was really worried about the mess at first, but Tricia reassured me that some baby wipes go a long way in keeping the mess under control — and she was right!

So right now you can get their entire bundle for 25% off (no coupon code required) or if you just want to try a few books those are 25% off as well. (The sale price does not show in the store, but when you add the item to your cart it is reflected — I tried it to be sure it works!) Hurry, though, this back-to-school sale won’t last long!


5 – What’cha reading? I am currently enjoying Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. I’ve been reading Outlander since the beginning and I have to see what happens next.

I am also reading (skimming) a few different books for research on an upcoming blog series later this month. It’s going to be a fun one! As a teaser, THIS is one of the books.

6 – Speaking of the Schoé Sisters, the other three gals have done an awesome series on homeschool scheduling this week AND they are giving away three copies of my book. If you hurry, there is still time to enter. I have loved all three of these posts!

7 – My kiddos are just a hoot these days. Actually the bickering is driving me crazy, so I am really ready to start back to school. Some structure should cut down on that. (What’s that? You thought we had started already because I repeated constant throughout the book and planning series that we start back in early July? Well come to find out writing an eBook on homeschool planning puts a big damper on the actual planning, and I am behind. We will be starting July 28. I could have been ready sooner, but the kids have nature camp July 21 so there is really no reason to start before then.)

Back to the kids — Olivia is more than a little bit pug-obsessed and is dying to own one of her own — even to the point of volunteering to be on pooper scooper duty. John drives me crazy with all the rainbow loom bands he scatters about, but watching his skills grow with his craft has been fun to see. And Thomas learned to swim in the deep end a couple of weeks ago. That one doesn’t mess with my nerves at all (eye roll).

Hope you guys have a great weekend. Check out more quick takes over at Jen’s place.

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Pam Barnhill

Pam Barnhill

Pam is the author of The Your Morning Basket Guide and Plan Your Year: Homeschool Planning for Purpose and Peace. She also is the host of three popular  podcasts -- The Homeschool Snapshots Podcast, Your Morning Basket, and The Homeschool Solutions Show. She lives in the Deep South with her husband and three kids, where she is the go-to lady for great curriculum recommendations or a just a pep talk on a rough day.

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