Spooktacular Halloween and Fall Children’s Books

Ok, these really aren’t that spooky, but the kids love, love, love these books from our autumn basket and request them often during the month of October.

Fall and Halloween Books My Kids Love

  • The Littlest Pumpkin – For the past three or so years this one has been Olivia’s favorite Halloween tale. It must be read repeatedly during the month of October. This year, she is able to read it herself (not that I’m celebrating that or anything…).
  • The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin – Not my favorite, but at least it did come out before the TV tie-in. The kids do like it and the message that those who are different should be appreciated for their abilities is a good one, even if told in a heavy-handed way.
  • Pumpkin Jack – My favorite and one of the best in the bunch. I love the figurative language used in this one, as well as the illustrations.
  • Pumpkin, Pumpkin – Pumpkin life-cycle from start to finish in simple text.
  • Leaf Trouble – The story is cute, but the art is really neat. The artist created collages and photographed them for the book, creating a unique 3D effect in the illustrations.
  • Miss Suzy – I remember this one from my childhood. Someone owned this book, and I read it over and over. We are all outraged at the behavior of those red squirrels with every reading.
  • The Busy Little Squirrel – A favorite of Thomas’ that he has memorized so he can add in his favorite lines during reading.
  • Sheep Trick or Treat – Love the “treats” the sheep collect (or don’t) from the farm animals. Told in rollicking Sheep rhyme.
  • The Scarecrow’s Hat – A crafty chicken wins the day (and the hat) and gives a lesson in bartering to get what you need.
  • Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins – Not my favorite rhyme, but the kids like it and it sneaks in a lesson in doubling numbers.

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The Littlest PumpkinThe Littlest PumpkinThe Legend of Spookley the Square PumpkinThe Legend of Spookley the Square PumpkinPumpkin JackPumpkin JackPumpkin PumpkinPumpkin PumpkinLeaf TroubleLeaf TroubleMiss SuzyMiss SuzyThe Busy Little Squirrel (Classic Board Books)The Busy Little Squirrel (Classic Board Books)Sheep Trick or Treat[ SHEEP TRICK OR TREAT ] by Shaw, Nancy E. (Author) Sep-29-97[ Hardcover ]Sheep Trick or Treat[ SHEEP TRICK OR TREAT ] by Shaw, Nancy E. (Author) Sep-29-97[ Hardcover ]The Scarecrow's HatThe Scarecrow’s HatSixteen Runaway PumpkinsSixteen Runaway Pumpkins



  • Ashley says:

    Runaway Pumpkin is very fun!

  • Kelly says:

    My grandma (we called her Sweetie) used to read Miss Suzy to us!! She handed down her copy and now it is a favorite for my kids as well! Kelly

  • Emily B says:

    Oh my goodness – I had Miss Suzy as a little girl but I couldn’t remember enough about it to figure out the title. Now I can go buy a little bit my childhood and share it with my own sweet pea! So excited!! 🙂

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