I love the Advent season, and every year I try to share that love with my children. There are special foods, decorations, songs, and books.

Christmas! The Whole Story of the God Who LovesPin

My house is full of littles at the moment. My oldest daughter is eight and my youngest is three. In between I have another daughter and one wiggly little boy. While Benaiah loves a story, he often wants to move or do something with his hands shortly after sitting down.

So how do you share Advent with wiggly boys or girls?

Keep it Short

Enter, Christmas! the Whole Story of the God Who Loves by Natasha Metzler. This book is short, sweet, and shares some of my favorite Bible stories.

Each story is only one page long and faced with a full color illustration. The illustrations are gorgeous and bold — perfect for little boys to stare at as you read. The story itself will only take a few minutes, but I bet your littles will want to talk about how amazing God is afterwards. That is my favorite part.

Keep it Simple

The Bible is laced with the theme of God’s love for His children. Christmas! the Whole Story of the God Who Lovesbrings out that theme. Repeated phrases “Really great things happen when God speaks,” “God promised,” “The one who would fight the snake and win!” and “…friends of God,” tie the stories of redemption together.

With these few phrases, the theme of God’s love is easy for little ones to hold onto as you read though the history of God’s people.

Make it Fun

Christmas! The Whole Story of a God Who Loves MotionsPinI have to say, this book was fun. I love the joyful word choices, the bouncy rhythm of the sentences, and can almost hear the author smile as she reads this book to her children.

Moses saw something crazy weird.

Best description of the burning bush I have heard EVER!

If you need something extra to keep a busy body still, mention the grasshopper found on each page. The object is to keep quiet until the very end of the story when you ask. Then they can gleefully point to their find, and they have sat still through the whole story!

You might also find that many of these stories line up with the Jesse Tree readings. There are plenty of free downloadable coloring sheets on Pinterest. Print a few, and wiggly boys and girls can color as you read.

Christmas! The Whole Story of a God Who Loves Printable MotionsPinTo help make these Advent readings extra fun, I created motions for each day. Start at the beginning after the first day. Each day repeat the motions already learned, then add a new one after the story. See how many you can remember.

Enjoy the free PDF download as our gift to you! Click here to download your PDF of motions to go with the book.

I received a copy of Christmas! The Whole Story of the God Who Loves in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.