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Are you hesitant to include Shakespeare in your Morning Basket?

Maybe you don’t feel equipped with the necessary educational background. 

Perhaps your own memories of Shakespeare in high school English class are boring enough to send you running for the hills.

Or maybe you just have no idea where to begin.

Let me put your fears to rest and assure you that you are capable of enjoying and exploring Shakespeare with your children.

Include Shakespeare in Your Homeschool Morning Basket

You can confidently include Shakespeare in your Morning Basket with this round up of resources and ideas from homeschooling moms.

1. Reading Shakespeare Plays with my Kids
by Mary Hanna Wilson

The words and the language of Shakespeare’s plays can be intimidating for kids, and let’s face it, most adults as well.

Do not let that stop you from tackling this subject with your younger students. They can learn to appreciate, enjoy, and perhaps even fall in love with the world of Shakespeare.

And you can right along with them!”

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2. Enjoying Shakespeare Together
:A Conversation with Mystie Winckler and Pam on the Your Morning Basket Podcast

You don’t have to study Shakespeare…you can simply experience, alongside your kids, Shakespeare for what he is: a master storyteller.

Join Pam and Mystie Winckler for a podcast about a practical, non-intimidating approach to the Bard for your Morning Time.

3. Exploring Shakespeare with Children: How to Play with the Bard in Your Homeschool
by Amy from Humility and Doxology

“Experiencing the wit and beauty of Shakespeare (whether in reading, reciting, or memorizing) is one of my favorite things to do with my children.  I hope this post encourages you to incorporate some Shakespearean delight in your own home!”


4. Shakespeare for Kids: 5 Easy Steps to Teach Any Shakespeare Play
by Mystie at Simply Convivial

“I believe that Shakespeare, the greatest artist whose medium was the English language, can and should be introduced to children. The deep discussions about betrayal, cowardice, truth, love, and piety can wait for high school, but the enjoyment of the plots, the characters, and the language doesn’t have to wait. Introducing children to the world of the plays will help them feel more at home and navigate those deeper waters later in a more knowledgeable and understanding way, because they’ll already know the lay of the land.”

You can access

Mystie’s library of Shakespeare printables

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5. Shakespeare in Spring: The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Shakespeare in Elementary and Middle School by Dachelle from Hide the Chocolate

“Are you a Fen-sucked Dull-Eyed Canker-blossom? Do you know how many sonnets the Bard wrote, or which phrases we use that he coined? Have you any idea what an oxlip looks like? If you’re curious about answering any of these questions, then this Ultimate Guide to Teaching Shakespeare might be for you!”

6. Start Your Day with Shakespeare
by Felicia from The Zooicallhome

“There is no reason to dumb down our children’s education. Just because the words may be difficult, doesn’t mean to omit them. Homeschooling is an opportunity to challenge our kids to stretch their minds and see beyond themselves. Plus, if they can grasp Shakespeare, anything else should come easily.”


7. Shakespeare Morning Basket for elementary school
by Jessica Waldock on Instagram.

8. Shakespeare for Kids: The Best Books to Introduce Your Kids to the Bard
by Mary from Mary Hanna Wilson

“I typically end our school year by spending time with William Shakespeare. Not literally. Obviously. Because he died in 1616. But I introduce my kids to his life, his plays, and his words using picture books and easy chapter books.

We also read one of his plays. We keep our time with Shakespeare very light-hearted and fun, but I know they are establishing a great foundation in Shakespeare that will serve them well in high school and beyond.”

9. Teaching Shakespeare to Multiple Ages
by Heather at Blog She Wrote

“What do you think of when you hear about Shakespeare? Though many of us are familiar with his plays, my guess is we might find the language intimidating and consider it pretty sophisticated. Certainly, it would be tough to teach to children. In high school, I took a whole semester my senior year on Shakespeare. It was a great time! But, it took time to understand. We teach Shakespeare in high school literature in our homeschool as well, but teaching it to all of our kids was a new concept for us. It’s been lovely!”

Why Shakespeare: A Conversation with Ken LudwigPin

10. Why Shakespeare? A Conversation with Ken Ludwig and Pam Barnhill
on the Your Morning Basket Podcast

Ken Ludwig is a playwright and father who has an infectious love of Shakespeare. He began sharing his love with his children at a very young age. Recently he published How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare, a book detailing this surprisingly simple way to teach the Bard’s great works to our children.

Come and enjoy as Ken tells us why and how we should teach Shakespeare, as well as how we can handle the harder concepts. Most importantly, Ken encourages us to push past our fear and enjoy Shakespeare in our Morning Times.

11. Five Easy Ways To Teach Your Children About Shakespeare
by Christy Jacob from Homeschooling in Progress

If your education was anything like mine, hearing the word “Shakespeare” can make your heart race as you imagine yourself in front of your English class trying to recite scenes from Macbeth with everyone staring at you.

But you’re the teacher now. That means that you get to introduce Shakespeare to your children when and how you want! They can learn to love his works, instead of stressing out when hearing his name.

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12. Host Your Own Shakespeare Birthday Party
by Pam at Your Morning Basket

When Shakespeare lets you blow out the candles on his birthday cake and play games in his honor then you know he has to be one cool guy. That’s what my kids think, anyway. Having a Shakespeare party is lots of fun and not really all that difficult to do. Includes printable Shakespeare Mad Libs.

13. Your First Year Teaching Shakespeare Kit by Renee Matheny

No Ultimate Guide to Shakspeare would be complete without this fun kit from Renee. The Shakespeare teaching advice in this collection is spot on and the Pick A Play diagram takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect play for your family. (Email required for download.)

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