The Ultimate US Geography Gift Guide

Our US Geography state study is well on it’s way to being one of the most memorable things my girls will do in their elementary years. We have enjoyed making special food together, dreaming about places we would like to visit, and reading great books all while learning a little something about the states.

In fact we have loved it so much, I am excited to slip a few of these fun ideas from our US Geography gift guide right under our tree. Some may even be stocking worthy!

The Ultimate US Geography Gift Guide

I hope you find a few things on this list helpful for the geography lovers in your home!

1. Games

    • Flag Frenzy USA – A fun game to learn the state flags of the states. Great reviews!
  • GeoBingo USA – US Geography + Bingo = Fun for everyone of course.

2. Travel Club Subscriptions

  • Little Passports USA Edition – We have heard good things about the Little Passports World Edition. The USA Edition would be great for bringing even more excitement into your family’s US Geography study!
  • Highlights Which Way USA Club – We have a few of the books for the Highlights Top Secret Adventures World Club. They are great and Which Way USA looks fun too

3. Letterboxing Kits

Just a few months ago I heard about letterboxing. We had tried geocaching and for whatever reason it didn’t take in our family, but letterboxing sounds very do able. It is a great way to see historic and scenic spots right in your own state!

Like geocaching you hunt for boxes left by others. Unlike geocaching you do not follow GPS coordinates, but instead follow clues you print off online. Some of the clues do require simple compass readings for direction however.

Once you find the box, you stamp the log with a personal or family stamp, add the date and a short note if you wish. There will also be a stamp in the box for you to add to your personal log book with notes about the walk, the finding of the box and the destination.

Make your own Letterboxing kit!

  • The Letterboxer’s Companion byRandy Hall – A good place to start; a handy guide for all your letterboxing questions.
  • Letterboxing Journal – This journal is nice to get your little letterboxer started. If you prefer you can get a plain sketch book and decorate it instead. Instant art project!
  • Personal Stamp – It is highly suggested that you make your own personal stamp. Something that says something about you. If you do not want to make your own, be sure to pick one that you will love for a long time.
  • Stamp Pad – Some boxes will have a stamp pad, but it is always good to have your own in a color you like. Use Archival ink pads for the best long term water proof log entries.
  • Pens – I loved RSVP pens in school and they are the perfect addition to your letterboxing kit. They now come in a slew of colors!
  • Container – Tin or plastic, lunch boxes are a great place to store your letterboxing supplies. You can find tin ones from the Tin Box Company with Frozen, Planes, Mickey, Princesses, Star Wars and many more! If tin seems a bit clunky, try these super cute kids bags from Marys Magical Memories on Etsy. Just the right size to hold all your letterboxing supplies along with a few of these great nature guides.

4. Lego Across the USA

There ARE gifts for your Lego lover on this list. Have fun talking about all these great landmarks from around the country!

5. State Quarter Sets

State Quarter Sets are great way to explore some new landmarks for your US Geography tour. They are also just plain fun!

6. Travel Journals

I saw these travel journals recommended on Simple Homeschool not too long ago and love the high personality, and versatility. They are also super cute. While you are there be sure to check out her other Kids Journals, and Mom Journals too! I think that one of these years I may have time to sit and fill out one of the Christmas journals. They look so nice.

7. Books

Books always end up under our tree. In fact one year I realized that my son received only one non-book item! He seemed to be ok with it, but it was then I began to wonder if I did indeed have a problem. 😉

Here are some selections of books I want to add to our shelves because they are true, beautiful and just plain good!

8. Puzzles


9. USA Videos

I love a good documentary and so do my kids. We love to watch great footage of places we have never been and may never go. It is a very affordable way to “visit” the country. Here are a few of my picks for your US Geography Christmas!

  • How the States Got Their Shapes – Pam recommends this series for older elementary and up. They all enjoyed it and the reviews are great!
  • The Men Who Built America – I always wondered about how the United States became a supper power. The men featured in this mini series helped take America to the next level. A little more history than geography, but we would not have our cityscapes with out these amazing men.
  • The National Parks: America’s Best Idea – A facinating look at how our national parks began and how they came to be what we see today. Be sure to check the preview videos to check for age. It is a bit slow, but very intriguing.
  •  Diners, Drive-ins and Dives – Just for fun! I love food and this is a fun way to see the country and experience its food culture.
  • Stephen Fry in America – More for the older kids and adults of the family, anyone who enjoys listening to a British accent will enjoy this series. We love Stephen Fry’s witty humor and outsider view on America.

10. Stocking Stuffers!

  • USA Geography Activity Placemat – I love that when you flip this mat over, the map is plain with a list of the states and capitals. Instant quiz! Roll it up and stuff it in the stocking.



  • Karen says:

    My friend, Jen, at Catholic Inspired made state study pages that have a Catholic twist to them. They are great! You can find them on her blog, Catholic Inspired. Just thought you might like them. Thank you for these wonderful gift suggestions! God bless.

  • Julia says:

    I literally now have a list to refer to for our homeschool year 2019-2020! The LEGO architect sets for Europe are great also!!

  • Cecilia Capehart says:

    Most of these are great but I have one complaint. I bought the Weird U.S. book thinking I’d use it with my kids. One of the first things I saw in it was about a tree in Florida where 2 19 year olds were abused and murdered by a serial killer. The book may have other more child friendly stories but I won’t be using it since I can’t let my 11 year old (or younger kids) have free rein of it. For me, it was a waste of money.

    • Jessica Lawton says:

      Our family enjoyed this book for the states we used it for. However, we did not use it for Florida. Thank you for pointing this out to us. We have removed the book from our recommended resources.

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