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Welcome to our US Geography tour, Eight for Each State! I (Jessica) am so excited to take this US Geography tour with my two girls and two preschoolers this year (and a bit into next).

As Americans, we have possibly the most unique country on earth! Where else are so many cultures, nationalities, and traditions celebrated? I wanted to take some time now, while we have it, to explore the states and what makes them special!

Eight For Each State US Geography Pin

As I write this, we are four states into our U.S. Geography Tour. This study will take us well into next year, but my kids are loving it!

At first, I was concerned it might not fit into our classical homeschool. However, Pam reminded me that while we were learning a bit of US Geography, I was building relationships with my two girls Ruth and Sarah Joan.

That is what it is all about. Relationships. This US Geography Tour is a way for our family to get into the kitchen together and make new and different foods — a way to talk about new and interesting places and topics. We are even building a list of places we want to visit if we are ever in that part of the country!

Ruth even followed a bunny trail to learn more about the Native Americans who lived in Delaware, the Lenape. I had always heard bunny trails were a part of homeschooling but had never experienced it before.

I hope you will come along with us too. I look forward to hearing all about your journey of discovery and the places you will or have visited!

US Geography Resources

In each post, I will share eight resources or ideas you can use to help you “visit” each of the 50 states. Our tour will begin with The First State, Delaware.

Each week we will study a new state, going in the order in which they entered the union. An alphabetical list is provided for those of you wishing to go in a different order.

The resources I chose are historical and cultural. I tried to get a good mix of yesterday and today, as well as look at natural resources. Mostly I tried to answer the question, “What is important to the people of blank state?”

Start at the introduction for some great books and printable resources for your notebook. You will want to record your tour!

Also, be sure to save room for our AWESOME scrapbooking pages we have made for you! These will be included free in each post — add a picture and a memory from your visit to each state.

Ready? Let’s go!

Eight for Each State Introduction

We will link the states up as we finish each one.

States in the order in which they joined the union

Alphabetical list of states